Products for Dairy Industry

  • ICL JOHA melting salts for the manufacturing of melted cheese. Stabilizers for yogurt, dairy beverages and  sterilized  products.
  • DOMCA :Technology and Products for the Food Industry .Food coatings for cheese with and without fungicides. Coloured plastic coating for cheeses. Products for air control
  • MILAR ENZIMAS: Lyophilized propionic culture  BIENA  Canada


Ingeniero Lopez y Asociados S.R.L.  (ILA) is a family company based in Santa Fe province, the heart of the dairy Argentina.

He has extensive and proven experience in the dairy and food industries.

It has highly trained human resources to meet current industry requirements.

In its modern plant in Santa Fe produces mixtures of JOHA melting salts  recognized worldwide for the production of cheeses and dairy beverage stabilizers BEKAPLUS ┬« and TURRISIN ┬« for Argentina and neighboring countries. We prepared mixtures of additives for meat and fish industries under the brands of ICL: CURAFOS ┬«, FIBRISOL ┬«, BRIFISOL ┬«, TARI ┬«, BEKAPLUS ┬«

ILA has certified  ISO 22.000 : 2005. This is an important demonstration of commitment to quality.

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Ingeniero Lopez y Asociados S.R.L.

Ruta nacional 11 km 455. Calle 8 Lote 178 Parque Industrial Sauce Viejo. (3017) Sauce Viejo Provincia de Santa Fe - Argentina [email protected]

+ 54 342 4995535 / 4995666